Results of the 2013 Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair on March 23 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Grand Prize Winners

Senior Division

First Place: Gili Rusak, Shaker High School
“Properties of Twitter Network Communications Among Teenagers”
Teacher: Nate Covert

Second Place: John Dean, Scotia-Glenville High School,
“Creating a Portable Version of a Nintendo 64 System”
Teacher: Chris Judd

Third Place: Deena Mousa, Emma Willard High School
“Can Promegranates Prevent Human Pancreatic Cancer?”
Teacher: Robert Buckley

First Honorable Mention: Michaeil Rallo, Monroe-Woodbury High School
“The Effects of Progesterone on a Concussion Model of Brain Injury in Rats”
Teacher: Jon Decker

Second Honorable Mention: Paige Carruthers, Greenwich High School
”The Developmental Effect of Caffeine and Alcohol on Circadian Rhythmicity in Drosophila melanogaster”
Teacher: Nicole Dixson

Third Honorable Mention: Young Hu, Monroe-Woodbury High School
“SOD2 Promotes Cell Migration Through the JNK/ERK Pathway in Bladder Cancer Cells"
Teacher: Jon Decker

Junior Division

First Place: Sagar Kumar, Farnsworth Middle School
"Germ Busters"
Teacher: Joseph Winchester

Second Place: Julie Capito & Christina Lin, Broadalbin-Perth Middle School
"Compost: A New Energy Source"
Teacher: Anita Stabrowski

Third Place: Max Bush, Shaker Junior High School
"Is It Possible to Classify and Predict Starcraft Player Strategies From Previous Games"
Teacher: Angela Bisett

First Honorable Mention: Jack Rento, St. Pius X Middle School
"Lies About Lysol"
Teacher: Matt Flanagan

Second Honorable Mention: Gage Boddery & Colm Niesz, Greenwich Junior/Senior High School
"Bring Out Your Dead"
Teacher: Nicole Dixon

Third Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Gregorek & Hannah Dauenhauer, Greenwich Junior/Senior High School
"Wonderful Wastes"
Teacher: Nicole Dixon