Register a Student Project

All teachers/sponsoring adults must complete this form once each year. This should be completed before any of your students fill out the online form A. Click here to proceed.

Students may register here Click here to proceed.

In addition to the above, paper forms must be submitted. Check the rules page on this site and the Rules Wizard on the ISEF site to be sure you have all necessary forms. All paperwork must be postmarked by Monday, 1/28/2019.

Please enclose a nonrefundable registration fee of $25.00 for each participant. Checks should be made out to: "GCRSEF, Inc."

Send all required forms and checks to: Mr. Len Behr: 36 Swiss Farms Road, Hudson, NY 12534. Please refer questions about registration to Len Behr, the fair registrar, either by e-mail,, or by phone 518-672-5516.